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About Duckrey

The Dr. Tanner G. Duckrey School is a K-8 school located in North Philadelphia. It is home to 600 incredible children. Duckrey's students are an incredibly talented group of children. Each exhibits his or her own unique qualities, characteristics and talents each and every day they enter the school. The students are taught by a very talented and hardworking group of teachers who have been at Duckrey over a combined 150 years. This experience has fostered a strong community relationship between the school, the Duckrey families and the surrounding community.

The Duckrey mascot is the Diamonds. We at Duckrey believe our children and staff are a cut above the rest. We are proud of our little school and all that it accomplishes on a daily and yearly basis. We encourage our children to be their best and try their best each and every day because we believe that within our school are future doctors, lawyers, business owners, company presidents, teachers, athletes, artists and much much more. 


The Art Room

All of the children of Duckrey receive art classes year round. Every class participates in one 45 minute art class a week. During their art class, the children will engage in a variety of activities from drawing to painting to collage to printmaking to name a few. Through their exposure to the arts, the children learn to think outside the box and to work in collaborative groups. The arts help the children realize there are many ways to solve a problem or figure out solutions to issues. 

In the Duckrey art room, the children are encouraged to try new things and to learn from their mistakes. They are taught how to change recognizable objects and images into something new and exciting. Most importantly of all, every child is told they are talented and intelligent. Every child is told they have the talent and ability to complete the task at hand as long as they try and give their best effort each and every day.


Mr. David Cohen came to Duckrey in 2014. He inherited a school that was a year into a merger that saw it's enrollment double from 285 students to almost 700.

Mr. Cohen's journey to Duckrey started in 2001 when he became a teacher in the William Penn School District. He taught 4th, 5th and 6th grades in his time as a regular classroom teacher. From 2008-2009 he was a dean in the same district.

In 2010, Mr. Cohen became a principal in the School District of Philadelphia. In 2014, he arrived at Duckrey and began to transform it into the school "on the move to the top" it is today. 

Our Principal


From the moment he stepped into the school, Mr. Cohen has done everything he can to make Duckrey as technologically advanced as possible. He wants Duckrey's students to have the same technology, programs and resources as the best schools in the district.

Mr. Cohen's philosophy for Duckrey is:

"Duckrey is a public school in North Philadelphia that meets all student's social, emotional and academic needs. Duckrey creates a positive school climate and works closely with all staff and our vast group of stakeholders to prepare our students for the 21st century."

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